Family Boating


It’s an excellent way to reduce stress, create bonds with friends and family, and have fun.

There’s plenty of H2O to explore in Khanpur Lake

In today’s world, quality family time can be a real challenge when you’re competing with busy schedules and high tech entertainment. Parents are always looking for ways to interact with their children and still keep it fun. Imagine how much easier it would be to communicate if you were in a boat surrounded by a body of water. For a lifetime of family fun and memories, isn’t it time for you to visit Mabali Island?


Travel through scenic sites in Khanpur Lake – a famous UNESCO World Heritage Site “Bhamala Stupa”


“Spending time with your family and friends aboard a boat is one of life’s most pleasurable pursuits and now there’s data that indicates boating’s benefits stay with you long after the experience is over,” said Pepper Schwartz, PhD, sociologist and relationship expert. “Anyone looking for a new way to enrich their time together with family and friends will find boating is an outstanding choice.”

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