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Jet Skiing is fantastic fun, experience it at Mabali Adventure Club!

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Jet Ski in Mabali Island


Are you wondering about an adventurous vacation sport? Then why not try something that gives you an unforgettable experience. There are many different options for vacations to enjoy fully. But if you want to take a thrilling and amazing tour of mind-blowing memories then you should try Jet Ski at Mabali Island.


Thrilling Water Sports for Adventure Lovers


Jet Ski is a fast and high-speed vehicle. Therefore, it is considered the best among all the water sports. It’s a small jet that rides across the water like a motorbike and that is why it is also called a water scooter. No doubt it’s a thrilling and heartthrob activity for adventure lovers.


This sport offers many fitness benefits. Since it’s been a thrilling sport, therefore, it gives a cardiovascular workout on the water. On the other hand, it helps to burn your extra calories while standing up and concentrating on your legs and arms balance. It’s a great stress reliever ride and helps to calm down your nerves.


Feeling of Pleasure


While riding a high-octane jet ski you can enjoy splashes of water that give you a feeling of pleasure especially in summers. Moreover, the Jet Ski is considered more enjoyable than underwater diving and other sports because you just have to focus on riding for the sake of enjoyment.


You might have seen people enjoying different water sports on TV or social media. After watching it in many countries like Maldives, Dubai, and New York you would have probably got an urge to enjoy and experience different adventures in your own country.


In Pakistan, if you want to make a plan to pursue your dream of jet skiing, then Mabali Island is an ideal location for that. You can enjoy your tour with your loved ones or family at Mabali Island. Here you will get the chance to enjoy a Jet Ski experience. It is mainly a natural resort for nature lovers who wants to experience different adventures.


Costs – Cheaper than other Countries


At Mabali Island Jet Ski costs around 500 PKR which is quite reasonable. In foreign countries, this ride is much expensive. Therefore, you can take this amazing pleasure in your own country without any extra expenses. At this rate, proper safety measures will be provided and you will learn the basics of the Jet Ski before starting the ride. Moreover, you can even self-drive Jet Ski at only 1000 PKR.


Safety Measures


Mabali Island is the perfect place for these activities, therefore, we have made proper arrangements for the tourists so that you can enjoy your trip fully. We have managed all kinds of safety jackets for the visitors for making their trip memorable. When a Jet Ski ride starts we make you wear a safety jacket first. Then your water scooter starts floating on the water surface giving you a mesmerizing and enchanting experience giving you goosebumps. If you are riding for the first time and lose your balance, lifeguards will protect you on the spot.


Hence, you must try out this adventurous sport at Mabali Island, Khanpur Dam. Contact us now for bookings and details on 03035958999 / 03418437999

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