When visiting Mabali Island, please ensure that below mentioned rules & regulations are strictly followed:


  1. Outside Food and Beverages are strictly prohibited inside the resort area including huts, caravans and camps.
  2. Slippers (Open Chappals) are not allowed for male members/guests or visitors / room guests.
  3. Servants /Drivers/Maids will be restricted to Guests Parking Area adjacent to main entrance gate.
  4. Armed Guards/Ammunition/Fire Arms are not allowed inside Resort Premises.
  5. No Scratch-able items to be worn by ladies on adventure areas. Hair Bands, Hair Clips, Hair Pins, Earrings, Bangles, Jewelry, Watches, Glasses/Spectacles, Rings etc.
  6. Shorts and wet clothes are not allowed in Restaurants / Club House or in family Area.
  7. The Mabali Management shall under no circumstances be liable or responsible for any accident, loss to life or property that may occur in any manner whatsoever due to any reason whatsoever to any and all of the hut guests / members / guests or any other visitors which may occur within the premises of resort.
  8. Changing of dress/swimming costume in open areas and all other areas other than designated changing rooms is (Strictly) prohibited.
  9. Do not give any valuables to any staff members. Members /Guests / Visitors / Room guests are responsible for their valuables.
  10. Please do not make arguments with resort staff. In case of any difficulty/ complain please contact Administrator, a PRO, Reception immediately.
  11. Please note that it is the sole responsibility of the guest and/or visitors / members / guest accompanying them in case of an adult; and parents or guardian in case of a child that all the rules, instructions, guidelines, etc. mentioned in here and those at various facilities points at the Resort and anywhere else should be strictly followed and adhered to.
  12. Carrying / consumption of liquor or any alcoholic drink and /or being under influence of alcohol while visiting or staying at the resort is strictly forbidden.
  13. Indulgence or involvement in any unethical or illegal activity is strictly prohibited. All visitors are vehemently requested to adhere to this rule. In case of violation, guests / visitors may be requested or even forced to leave the resort premises immediately, if felt necessary by the Mabali management or security staff without any claim, costs or liability against Mabali. Or Mabali employees.
  14. Rights of admission and permission for usage of any or all facilities and/or services are strictly reserved by Mabali Management.




  1. You acknowledge that the nature of the trip is adventurous and participation involves a degree of personal risk.
  2. You will be visiting places where the political, cultural and geographical attributes present dangers and physical challenges greater than those present in our daily lives. It is also your own responsibility to acquaint yourself with all relevant travel information and the nature of your itinerary. You acknowledge that your decision to travel is made in light of consideration of this information and you accept that you are aware of the personal risks attendant upon such travel.
  3. All our facilities and equipment are of finest standard. We strive our utmost to maintain, and keep operational, all our facilities and equipments at the best possible levels. However, as they contain many mechanical, electrical and electronic parts in addition to others, they may at times break-down or fail to operate appropriately, which may force the Mabali Management to temporarily shut down or make unavailable temporarily or permanently a specific facility or equipment due to repair, break-down and/or permanent failure, etc., without prior announcement or notice. Any visitor and/or the user of any such facility will hold no claim against the Mabali Management in case of any such break-downs, failures and/or announced or un-announced shutdowns, even in the case of committed facilities services or equipments.
  4. Members and guests shall use Resort facilities at their own risk and shall assume sole responsibility for personal injury, personal property and property damage. The Owner, its officers, employees, representatives, management companies and agents shall not be held liable for personal injury to any person while on Resort premises, nor for loss or damage to personal property, brought onto, used or stored on Resort property




  1. Persons suffering from heart (Cardiac), skin, Back Problem or any other disease or pregnant women are strictly forbidden to use any adventure activities. Children below the age of 12 must be accompanied by their parents or parents’ authorized persons while using any facility or service provided by resort.
  2. For all adventure activities, all participants must be mentally and physically able and be comfortable in this environment. A basic level is water confidence is required. Life jackets must be worn while water sports.




  1. Unmarried couples are strictly not allowed to share a room unless proof of direct blood-relation is provided. Room guests and all visitors are vehemently requested to adhere to this rule. Mabali management and staff reserves the right to demand to check cnic / passport or any other official identification document of any and all room guests to verify the identity and confirm direct blood – relations between the guests staying within aroom. All room guests must cooperate with the staff in all such matters.
  2. Night Stay Guests should bring their original CNICs/Passports at the time of arrival. Recently married couples should also bring copies of their proof of marriage, if their CNIC / Passport are not up to date.
  3. Please inform us at least 24 hours prior to the check-in date if there is any change or cancellation of the booking. Failing which will result in your deposit being adjusted.
  4. Night Stay Guests may use the cupboards provided within the Rooms for safe-keeping their valuables, at their own sole responsibility. For assistance on how to use these cupboards guests may refer to instructions given adjacent to these cupboards or may contact the Reception.


We reserve the right to cancel or postpone any trip/activity due to inclement weather

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