About us

About Mabali Island

Welcome to Mabali Island, your perfect getaway at Khanpur Lake! We are a cozy family-run resort that is dedicated to providing a tranquil and peaceful experience for our guests since 2017. Our resort is situated on Old Khanpur Road surrounded by the majestic waters of Khanpur Lake. We offer accommodation in a variety of options, from camping and huts to caravans and luxurious suites. All of our rooms come with stunning views of the lake, and we strive to make sure that you have all the amenities and comforts you need during your stay. Our staff members are always on hand to help you get the most out of your stay, whether it’s organizing trips and activities, or providing advice on the best places to explore. We look forward to welcoming you to Mabali Island and helping you create memories that will last a lifetime.

Our Vision

To make people happy and healthy

Our Mission

Provide safe, secure and natural environments for healthly sports activities for complete family around the clock with an aim to project soft image of Pakistan.

Our Values

Mabali Island not only aim to achieve benefit for our owners, partners, and team members but we also focus on the benefits of our guests to receive best stay experience. The only reason that made Mabali Island a star shining resort is definitely because of our main focus on our team’s service mind. Taking great care and being details oriented in every possible aspect. Mabali Island aims to be a resort pursuing a positive and satisfying existence in a style that respects and seeks to achieve harmony and balance with nature. At Mabali Island, we believe that what made us unique is not only because of our location, but also because of our nature, products, and people. We believe in being responsible for our surroundings, our people as well as our local community. A lot of our employees are locals. Some are residents in nearby cities close to Khanpur Lake where we are located.

Looking after Our People

We employ mostly locals and some are from nearby cities. We are proud to say that we offer very competitive benefits for the team and this includes a very competitive salary, competitive welfare and benefits. Our team is to be provided with an opportunity to progress in the career. Many of them come to us with limited education or experiences in hospitality field but as long as they have talent and ambition, we always provide the trainings for all of them. Each of our staff is led by local supervisor or manager. They are all represented at the daily, weekly and monthly management meeting with CEO and Directors and could express in how the Mabali is run and how together we could continue making it a better one.

Caring for the Environment

We want to be located in our location for eternity in a very sustainable direction, so we are aware that the only way to do that is to take great care of our environment. We keep electricity use to a bare minimum.

All waste from the kitchen, restaurant or washroom is sorted and separated. Food leftovers especially are used to make the bio-fertilizer. Our wastewater is treated and purified by organic filtering in septic tanks before being emitted to our surrounding soil.

Mabali also continuously participates in Green Pakistan environmental activities such as planting the tree project campaigns from time to time.