White Camp Story: The First Tent at Mabali Island Resort

My name is ‘White Camp’, and I’m the first tent that was pitched at Mabali Island. It was back in 2015 when Brig (R) Ghulam Haider and Mrs. Nighat Haider, the founders of the resort, set me up. They saw the potential in this beautiful island and wanted to offer a unique experience to visitors who wanted to be closer to nature.

I was the only tent on the island for a long time, and it was just me and the sound of the Khanpur Lake waves crashing on the shore. I watched as Brig (R) Ghulam Haider and Mrs. Nighat Haider worked tirelessly to develop the island and the resort. They were dedicated to creating a space where tourists could relax, recharge, and immerse themselves in the beauty of nature.

In Feb 2016, Safdar and Qasim joined Brig (R) Haider and Mrs. Nighat Haider as partners in the resort. Together, they continued to develop and improve the resort, adding new amenities and experiences for guests to enjoy. They recognized the importance of preserving the island’s natural beauty while also providing top-notch service and accommodations.

Over the years, I have seen all the ups and downs of the resort, from the first kitchen building being constructed to the Ratti and Savi Huts, lawns, and other amenities. I’ve watched as the resort has evolved into the stunning destination it is today. And through it all, I’ve remained a constant presence on the resort.

I’ve hosted guests from all over the Pakistan, providing them with a comfortable and unique accommodation option. Some guests have even returned to the resort and chosen to stay with me again, saying that they feel a special connection to the resort when staying in my tent.

I’ve weathered my fair share of storms, too. Strong winds, heavy rain, and even the occasional tropical storm. But I’m still standing strong, ready to welcome the next set of guests who will call me home.

As the resort continues to grow and expand, I’m happy to remain a humble tent, providing a slice of tranquility and simplicity in a world that is increasingly complex. And I’m grateful for Brig (R) Haider, Mrs. Nighat Haider, Safdar, and Qasim, who saw the potential in this island and worked hard to create a resort that is not only beautiful but also sustainable and community-focused.

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